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402 Lateral-heel release-settings for special ski-bindings
  1. Rick Howell
  1. Howell Ski Bindings, Stowe, USA


Background Lateral-heel ski-binding release is favorably associated with the attenuation of combined abduction-moment/torsional-tibia-torque developed during Slip-Catch trauma on skis - which combined-loading is associated, biomechanically, with ACL injury.

Objective Derive a range of lateral-heel release-settings indexed to a range of ‘torsional-tibia-torque release-settings’ (torsional-settings). Hypotheses: a range of torsional-settings can be indexed to a range of lateral-heel release-settings to mitigate ACL injuries on skis.

Design, Setting

Biomechanical, Observational. International alpine skiing-binding test-method standards were expanded to include measurement of lateral-heel release. The toe-piece of the binding was calibrated to produce a range of torsional-settings as a function of a range of body-weights. A range of lower-leg lengths (denoted between the distal-heel and the centre of the knee) were culled from gender-specific biometric data, matched to body weights. Adding lower-leg length to boot-sole thickness, binding and ski-thickness - a range of ‘total-length abduction-lever-arms’ (TLALA) were matched to the range of body-weights. Lateral-heel release was hunted by adjusting the lateral-heel release-mechanism such that when (a) abduction-force was applied 5cm aft ward of a range of ‘transition points’ (’transition-point’ = TLALA transposed horizontally to rear-portion of ski), lateral-toe release occurred; and when (b) abduction-force was applied 5cm forward of the transition-points, lateral-heel release occurred. Lateral-heel release-force was measured by a transducer positioned on the ski at the projected interface of the boot-sole/ski-binding heel.

Patients None.

Interventions Additional lateral-heel release-settings.

Main Outcome Measurements Lateral-heel release-force.

Abstract 402 Table 1

Conclusions A range of lateral-heel release (force) settings were indexed to a range of standardized torsional-settings. A prospective intervention study is needed to correlate lateral-heel release to a mitigation of ACL injuries.

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