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157 Predictors of time to return to play and reinjury following hamstring strain injuries with and without tendon involvement in professional football
  1. Scott McAuley1,
  2. Nick Dobbin2,
  3. Peter Goodwin2,
  4. Chris Morgan1
  1. 1Liverpool FC, Liverpool, UK
  2. 2Department of Health Professions, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK


Background Hamstring strain injury (HSI) account for ~12% of all injuries in professional football. It is suggested HSIs extending into the intramuscular tendon are more prone to reinjury, resulting in greater time-loss and delayed time to return to play (RTP). Currently, there is a lack of evidence regarding the effects of HSI with and without intramuscular tendon involvement as well as the impact of factors such as removal of a player and grade.

Objectives 1) Describe the number of HSIs using the British Athletics Muscle Injury Classification (BAMIC); 2) Determine if intramuscular tendon HSI results in extended RTP and higher reinjury risk; 3) Determine the predictors of RTP and reinjury.

Methods A retrospective study in one English Premier League football club over four seasons. Players included underwent an MRI within 7 days of injury and were graded by a Radiologist using the BAMIC (0a-4). RTP and reinjury rates were recorded along with information on whether the players was removed from play. Data were analysed using a Kruskal-Wallis test and linear regression.

Results Twenty-nine HSI across 24 players (age = 26 ± 4 years) were recorded over 4 seasons. There was a significant difference in RTP between grades 1a and 2c (P = 0.027). No significant difference was observed in RTP between 2b and 2c and no greater risk of reinjury. Grade of HSI (P = < 0.000) and removal of the player (P = 0.001) were significant predictors of RTP. An increase in grade of HSI resulted in an additional 4 days RTP and removal from the field of play (P = 0.001) resulted in an additional 10 days.

Conclusion HSIs extending into the intramuscular tendon (2b cf. 2c) do not influence RTP or reinjury, however RTP is affected by the removal of a player and overall grade.

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