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  1. W. E. Tucker


    The prevention of athletic injuries and their recurrences should be an essential part of athletic training. In the comprehensive treatment of athletic injuries, treatment by a team of experts is essential. Each member should be so well trained in his particular branch, that the athlete should receive first-class treatment at every stage. There must be efficient first-aid treatment. After an exact diagnosis using all the available ancillary methods, the surgeon details his recommendations. Operation may be necessary. The nature of his injury is explained to the athlete, and it must be stressed to him that he can contribute greatly to his recovery by conscientious and regular self-treatment at home. The physiotherapist is called in to help almost immediately. In due course, the injured athlete is referred to the trainer with exact instructions.

    Many athletic injuries occur and recur because the athlete has not been taught the essentials of body mechanics.

    The individual, however, can decide whether the way he carries himself in the upright position is one of Active Alerted, Balanced Posture; or the opposite, an inactive unbalanced slumping one. Posture therefore in the upright position is entirely an individual attitude of mind.

    A failure to appreciate the importance of correct posture allows a gravity strain on the lower fixed parts — and may predispose towards fibrosity, myalgia, joint strain progressing to arthritis, metatarsalgia, subluxation of the hip, prolonged intavertebral disc, abdominal herniae and cervical spondylosis.

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