Keywords used for identifying articles relevant to the systematic review and number of articles for each step of the search strategy

Search No 1


Extracorporeal shockwave therapy OR shockwave therapy OR shockwave OR shock wave OR low intensity shockwave OR high intensity shockwave

Search No 2


Greater trochanteric pain syndrome OR greater trochanter* pain syndrome OR greater trochanteric bursitis OR greater trochanter* bursitis OR subgluteal bursa OR gluteal tendino* OR gluteal tendinopathy

Search No 3


Patellar tendinopathy OR patellar tendin* OR patellar tendinitis OR jumper* knee OR jumper’s knee

Search No 4


Achilles tendinopathy OR Achilles OR Achilles tendon OR Achilles tendin* OR Achilles tendinosis OR Achilles tendinitis OR tendo Achilles OR Achilles tenosynovitis

Search No 5


Shin splints OR medial tibial stress syndrome OR medial tibial stress pain OR tibial stress injury OR tibial stress

Search No 6


Hamstring* OR hamstrings OR hamstrings tendinopathy OR hamstring* tendino* OR proximal hamstring* OR distal hamstring* tendino*

Search No 7


2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5 OR 6

Search No 8


1 AND 7

APPENDIX 1 – Search strategy used in PUBMED