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Issues in training the female player
  1. Donald T. Kirkendall (donald_kirkendall{at}
  1. FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre, United States


    On the surface, the men’s and women’s game appear to be similar. On closer examination, there are subtle differences in the nature of how each gender plays the game that are evident in the disparity between skills, tactics and fitness. The technical weaknesses of women include the first touch, dribbling, long passing, and goalkeeping. These skill limitations have dictated specific tactical approaches toward both attack and defense. Specific biologic limitations inherent in females affect the pace and total work output in the women’s game. While it is unrealistic to expect the women’s game to approach the work output of the men’s game, specific training of skills and fitness will influence the tactical approach to the game.

    • females
    • soccer
    • training

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