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Biomechanics of the elbow joint in tennis players;
  1. Denise Eygendaal (denise{at}
  1. Amphia hospital, Netherlands
    1. F Th.G Rahussen (frahussen{at}
    1. Sint Maartenskliniek, Netherlands
      1. R L Diercks (r.l.diercks{at}
      1. UMCG, Netherlands


        Elbow injuries constitute a sizeable percentage of tennis injuries. A basic understanding of biomechanics of tennis and analysis of forces, loads and motions of the elbow during tennis can will improve the understanding of the pathophysiology of these injuries. All different strokes in tennis have a different repetitive biomechanical nature which can result in tennis related injuries. In this article a biomechanically based evaluation of tennis strokes is presented. This overview includes all tennis-related pathology of the elbow joint, whereby the possible relation of biomechanics to pathology is analysed, followed by treatment recommendations. .

        • biomechanics
        • elbow
        • pathology
        • tennis

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