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Whole-of-community physical activity interventions: easier said than done?
  1. W. Kerry Mummery (k.mummery{at}
  1. Central Queensland University, Australia
    1. Wendy Brown (wbrown{at}
    1. University of Queensland, Australia


      Objectives: To reflect on whole-community intervention approaches to promoting physical activity, using experiences from the 10,000 Steps Rockhampton project.

      Design: Many studies are quasi-experimental with single site intervention and comparison communities.

      Setting and Participants: Whole communities.

      Invervention: Coordinated multiple strategies designed to address individual, inter-personal and environmental determinants of physical activity.

      Main Outcome Measure: Physical activity.

      Results: There are many challenges to conducting whole-community interventions. Developing community partnerships and coalitions, reaching socially disadvantaged groups, and developing effective evaluation methods are identified as specific concerns.

      Conclusions: Despite the challenges, the whole-community approach still offers tremendous potential for developing the social and cultural change which will be required for sustained improvements in population physical activity.

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