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10 years of evidence to guide physiotherapy interventions: Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro)
  1. Catherine Sherrington*,
  2. Anne M Moseley,
  3. Rob D Herbert,
  4. Mark R Elkins,
  5. Christopher G Maher
  1. University of Sydney, Australia
  1. Correspondence to: Catherine Sherrington, Musculoskeletal Division, The George Institute for International Health, PO Box M201, Missenden Road, Sydney, 2050, Australia; csherrington{at}


Clinicians are increasingly using evidence from high quality clinical research to guide clinical decision-making. Recent papers in this journal have examined research evidence to assist in clinical decisions as diverse as the prescription of running shoes[1], exercise therapy in the treatment of chronic disease[2] and the use of protective equipment to prevent concussion.[3]

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