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The Pyramid of Sports Medicine and Child Health
  1. Steven D Stovitz*
  1. 1 University of Minnesota, United States
  1. Correspondence to: Steven D Stovitz, Family Medicine, University of Minnesota, 717 Delaware St. SE, Room 420, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States; sstovitz{at}


As seen within this thematic issue on children’s and youth sports, sports medicine has a complex relationship with child health. On the one hand, much of the world is experiencing an epidemic of childhood obesity. The physical activity inherent in sports is viewed as a means of combating this epidemic. However, sports also lead to injuries which can cause short and long-term disabilities. With homage to legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, the role of sports medicine in promoting the health of children fits within the construct of a pyramid. Coach Wooden used a pyramid to describe the qualities necessary for success. A pyramid depends upon symmetric strength, a firm foundation, and a solid heart at its center. Its peak is the goal, which in this case is child health. The pyramid of sports medicine and child health is shown in Figure 1 and described below.

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