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Low injury rate strongly correlates with team success in Qatari professional football


Background Although the incidence of football injuries should relate to team success there is little empirical evidence.

Objective We investigated the relationship between injury incidence and team success in Qatar first-division football clubs.

Methods Using a prospective cohort study design, we captured exposure and injuries in Qatar male elite football for a season. Club performance was measured by total league points, ranking, goal scored, goals conceded and number of matches won, drawn or lost.

Results Lower injury incidence was strongly correlated with team ranking position (r=0.929, p=0.003), more games won (r=0.883, p=0.008), more goals scored (r=0.893, p=0.007), greater goal difference (r=0.821, p=0.003) and total points (r=0.929, p=0.003).

Conclusions Lower incidence rate was strongly correlated with team success. Prevention of injuries may contribute to team success.

  • Epidemiology
  • Soccer

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