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Infographic. Useful steps in the prevention of illnesses during international athletics championships
  1. Pascal Edouard1,2,3,4,5,
  2. Danny Glover6,7,
  3. Andrew Murray7,
  4. Toomas Timpka8,
  5. Marine Sorg2,
  6. Frédéric Depiesse3,4,9,10,
  7. Pedro Branco4,10,
  8. Astrid Junge11,12
  1. 1Inter‐university Laboratory of Human Movement Science (LIBM EA 7424), University of Lyon, University Jean Monnet, F-42023, Saint-Etienne, France
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  11. 11MSH Medical School Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
  12. 12Swiss Concussion Center and Schulthess Clinic, Zurich, Switzerland
  1. Correspondence to Dr Pascal Edouard, University Hospital of Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne 42 055, France; Pascal.Edouard42{at}

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More data on illnesses during athletics championships are needed

Illnesses can impair sports participation and performance in athletics training or competition (including major championships).1 Travel, jet lag, changes in climatic/environmental conditions and changes in food habits, in addition to the competition per se, could predispose athletes to illness in major championships context.2–4

During international athletics championships, an incidence of illnesses between 20 and 68 per 1000 registered athletes have been reported.2 3 5 6 However, extended and deeper epidemiological analyses are needed to develop effective illness prevention strategies. Therefore, this study aimed to describe the occurrence and characteristics of illnesses at international athletics championships with regards to sex (male and female athletes), disciplines (explosive and endurance) and championships type (indoor and outdoor).

Main findings

In major athletics championships between 2009 and 2017, the …

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