Life-long TV remote exercise better for the heart than physical exercise

Rajat Chauhan, Primary Catalyst,
June 15, 2012

Dear editor,

It was a very interesting editorial and I must congratulate the authors for that.

In my humble opinion, even if the studies quoted are right, the title of the editorial is simply wrong. Even though the author tries to be politically correct in the concluding paragraph, most readers wouldn't make it there and would have made up their minds. Does that mean even the guys doing moderate brisk walks for 30min a day for 30 yrs will have heart damage? That's not covered in this editorial, so why have such a general title!

How about 'life-long TV remote exercise better for the heart than physical exercise' as a title? Shouldn't we leave sensationalizing of news to the Murdochs and not introduce it in Medical Journals of such good repute as BJSM?

All I'm saying is, let's please be a little more responsible in the way we communicate. Most folks who are reading this, yes, even the sports medicine doctors, aren't very physically active. Let's please not give them an excuse to be even more sedentary.

Keep miling & smiling.

Rajat ... Dr Rajat Chauhan Sports-Exercise Medicine & Musculoskeletal Medicine Physician.

'Wealth of a nation should be measured by health & fitness of its youngsters, not by pieces of gold & silver.' - inspired from Mahatma Gandhi.

Conflict of Interest:

I'm first a passionate ultra runner who does like to run fast. Only then am I a Sports Medicine doctor. I am the founder of the Back 2 Fitness chain of clinic that focuses on getting people back to fitness by getting them physically active for life. I believe students, employees and even housewives will be a lot more productive if they are fitter, and not only disease free, which is the only thing addressed by current healthcare industry globally.

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