Sickle cell anemia in oman

Dr Edwin Dias, Professor,
December 20, 2012

The frequency of sickle cell trait was 7.5%, sickle cell disease 0.46% in Oman(1).In my experience of sickle cell disease in Oman there were frequent vaso-occlusive crisis requiring hospitalization ,few cases of frequent blood transfusion requirement acute chest syndrome avascular necrosis of bone and rarely cerebro-vascular events associated with sickle cell disease. Severe infections needing hospitalisation were also seen frequently.Other common events were splenic sequestration patients, dactylitis non-bacterial infections like malaria hepatitis B. The chronic complications included sickle hepatopathy and sickle nephropathy Leg ulcer and priapism were seen. As patients were referreed to the higher centres no deaths were in our study group in the period of 10 months. The prevalence of the sickle gene in India is found to vary from 2-34% . It has often been stated that sickle cell anemia (SCA) in Indians being linked to the Arab-Indian haplotype has a mild clinical presentation which goes unnoticed, sometimes throughout life.

References 1 Gihan Adly Rajappa A Haemoglobinopathies encountered at Khoula Hospital, Oman: A retrospective study Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal. 2008 Mar; 8(1)59-62

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