56 e-Letters

published between 2013 and 2016

  • Response to: "Does sports participation (including level of performance and previous injury) increase risk of osteoarthritis? A systematic review and meta-analysis"
    Kate A. Timmins

    Dear Editor,

    We read with interest the systematic review by Tran and colleagues recently published online(1). The findings build on our own observations in a systematic review of running and knee osteoarthritis (OA)(2). Although the focus of our review was narrower than that of Tran et al, which investigated evidence relating to OA of all joints across a variety of sports, we would like to comment on some of the si...

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  • Oral Health Screening in Pre-Participation Medicals
    Marcos A. Miranda

    For over 40 years oral health screening is part of all pre- participation medical examinatios at the Portuguese Sports Medicine Centers in The National Institute of Sports. Preparticipation medicals are compulsory for all athletes who wish to play competitive sports and none gets full clearance without a full treatment of any oral/dental pathology. We are aware that oral health is fundamental to maintain sports performance...

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  • This editorial is misleading
    Modi K Mwatsama

    Dear Editor,

    This editorial is misleading. Claiming that the Eatwell Guide is not evidence based is factually wrong. The Guide is based on comprehensive expert reviews of the evidence undertaken by the independent Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) which advises government, and its predecessor, the Committee on Medical Aspects of Food Policy.

    The latest revisions to the Eatwell Guide were i...

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  • Two forward, one back in concussion
    William Stewart

    Dear Editor,

    I commend Raftery et al in their recent editorial on concussion assessment in sport, in particular rugby's response on this matter (1). Undoubtedly one of the major issues facing sport is the lack of clarity and consistency in identifying concussions on the field; a symptom of the deficiencies in the last output from the Concussion in Sport Group (the 'Zurich Consensus')(2)

    However, while a c...

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  • Efficacy versus effectiveness
    Gareth A. Thomas

    Dear Editor,

    As a rural and purely clinical sports medicine practitioner, I fully agree with the premise of this article. Whilst applauding the wonderful data being produced from around the world, so little of it has any relevance in my practice. There appears to be much back slapping happening in the research centres, though so little work on effectiveness of exercise regimes. I agree that the focus on rigorous meth...

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  • Quantitative Assessment of Cognitive Molecules Supplementary to Doping Test
    Atif A Baig

    Dear Editor,

    We have read the respective article, and we agreed to all stated observations and recommendations. This is a very useful article for many researchers and especially for the scientists working with addiction sciences.

    We would just like to emphasise on the use of quantitative assays for the cognitive molecules (Lee et al., 2009) beside doping test. Mental performance is the attribute of three...

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  • Time loss injuries compromise team success in Elite Rugby Union
    Henare R Broughton

    Dear Editor,

    Injury data from the RWC 2011, 89.1 per 1000 player-hours2011 and the earlier tournament of 2007, 83.9 per 1000 player-hours may have had an effect on all teams.

    But success could only be accorded to the winner in the final match. The All Blacks had a long history of not even making the semi-finals. However the RWC 2011 success was not due to the negative effect of injury on the team but rath...

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  • Re:The Devil Is In The Detail
    Jonas B. Thorlund

    Dear Editor,

    We thank Dr. Bollen for his interest in our paper on knee arthroscopy for the middle-aged and older patient with a painful knee (Thorlund et al. 2015a,b).

    The consistent high-level evidence (Thorlund et al. 2015a,b; Khan et al. 2015) questioning the benefit of arthroscopic surgery has so far had a very limited effect on the practice of arthroscopic surgery in middle-aged and older patients with a...

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  • New and old: enjoyment of free air
    Martin Hofmeister

    The German physician Christopher William Hufeland (1762 - 1836) wrote in his famous work 'Art of Prolonging Life' in 1797: "Harmony in the movements is the grand foundation on which health, uniformity of restoration, and the duration of the body, depend; and these certainly cannot take place if we merely sit and think. The propensity to bodily movement is, in man, as great as the propensity to eating and drinking. Let us...

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  • The Devil Is In The Detail
    Steve R Bollen

    I would like to comment on the conclusions of the recent published meta-analysis by Thorlund et al in the BMJ and the subsequent sensationalist editorial. The conclusions are at odds with my own personal experience and that of my peer group.

    Although the methodology of the study is valid I would take issue with the conclusions reached.

    The meta-analysis on benefit started with nearly 1800 studies and wa...

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