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  • Re:Lateral epicondylitis surgery complications
    Joseph A Smith

    I had lateral epicondylitis surgery in 2010. It has been five months and im still in alot of pain. I had to go back to work and I'm finding it hard to make it through the day because of the pain. I called the doctor and they told me to find somewhere to go for pain management. I did and they said they could not do anything because of the acher pin in my arm, what should I do?

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  • Let us start with simplest modification to office furniture
    Shabbir Syed-Abdul

    Yes, we totally agree with the argument of the authors, that sedentary time in the work place substantially affects our health.

    We want to propose a simple but effective modification of workplace furniture. Instead of waiting for a portable pedal exercise machine to be made available to the market, let us start with a standing style workplace. Meaning, we need to modify the workplace to fit, so we work in a stan...

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  • youth hockey players
    Richard J Hardie

    I have previously complained about the editorial decision of a supposedly British journal to publish an article including "football" in the title when most readers around the world would have called the sport "American football". The subjects of this study participated in what people outside of North America would call "ice hockey", not just "hockey". We are used to American journals ignoring international terminology...

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  • Alternative Interpretations of a Field Study
    Lawrence E. Armstrong, Ph.D.

    Dear Editor,

    Figure 2, which is critical to the findings of this publication, presents an intra-individual group relationship; laboratory studies regarding the influence of dehydration on exercise performance utilize an individual as his/her own control. The cross-sectional trend in Figure 2, which arose from a single field study, should not be equated with a randomized, controlled, repeated measures experimental desig...

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  • Drs Nauck and Lohrer
    Arie M. Rijke

    Dear Editor,

    Please check www.ligmaster.com for info on an ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder non-radiographic arthrometer that quantitatively determines the percentage tear in all of the clinically important ligament of the above joints.

  • Mixed pathology and level 4 evidence does not provide an adequate systematic review
    Andrew Franklyn-Miller

    I am afraid a little disappointed with this review. I take issue with the premise that osteitis pubis and osteomyelitis could possibly be considered in the same review. As correctly identified in the piece, one is acute and one chronic with different predisposing and underlying pathology. Further more, although the relevance of Level 4 evidence is challenged, there is little comment on either the diagnostic criteria, the...

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  • The lack of clinical research on PRP
    Lars Engebretsen

    I fully agree with the comment from Dr Creaney regarding PRP. Unfortunately, there is little sound clinical science supporting the use at the moment. The design of studies published so far has been far from perfect. The studies with poor design have tended to produce good results, whereas the RCTs with proper design have shown less of an effect. Another challenge is the multitude of unknown clinical variables such as amou...

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  • PRP within the wider context of regenerative medicine
    Leon Creaney

    Dear Sir,

    I congratulate the IOC Consensus panel on having produced as clear a summary of the current understanding of the basic and clinical science relating to PRP as the body of published literature allows. While there was initially great hope in Sport Medicine circles that PRP would become the magic bullet for injuries, recent trials such as de Vos [1], have failed to provide that conclusive evidence so de...

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  • Benefits of High Intensity Anaerobic Exercise for Adolescents and School Children
    Julien S Baker

    Julien S Baker (1), Duncan S Buchan (2), Robert M Malina (3), Non E. Thomas (4)

    1. University of the West of Scotland,

    2. The University of Texas at Austin

    3. Swansea University

    Dear Editor,

    We read with interest the recent statement released by BASEM on 26th November 2010 which criticises the way physical education (PE) is being taught in the United Kingdom. Previous authors suggest that...

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  • Response to Ian Shrier
    Robert D. Herbert

    We agree with Ian Shrier that the finding of an effect of stretching on risk of muscle, ligament and tendon injuries should be interpreted with caution. That is why we wrote "The finding of an effect of stretching on muscle, ligament and tendon injury risk needs to be considered cautiously because muscle, ligament and tendon injury risk was a secondary outcome, and there was no evidence of an effect of stretching on the p...

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