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published between 2010 and 2013

  • Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome articles
    Christa J Van Rensburg

    The Editor British Journal of Sports Medicine

    Dear Prof Khan

    I was very excited to receive the September issue of your journal and observe that there were a number of articles on chronic exertional compartment syndrome. As Hutchinson quite rightly states: - "key questions remain regarding the specific protocol a clinician should undergo when performing intracompartmental pressure testing".


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  • Description of Hawkins Kennedy Test
    David g Young

    Dear Editor,

    I note that the description of the Hawkins Kennedy impingement test in Moen's article uses the words "with arm in 90 degrees in forward elevation in the scapular plane". The description by Hawkins and Kennedy (1980) has the patient in "approximately 90 degrees of forward flexion". The picture in the Moen article is clearly different from that in Hawkins and Kennedy's article.

    Yours sincer...

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  • Health Dis-Benefits of Tennis
    Bonita L. Marks

    Dear Mr. Chambers,

    Thank you for your thought-provoking questions about the health dis- benefits of tennis. While it is true that the manuscript focused on the health benefits related to tennis, if you browse down to the end of the article, there is a section discussing the injurious aspects of tennis. Within that section, it is acknowledged that tennis is a vigorous high impact sport with it's fair share of s...

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  • Health benefits for veteran (senior) tennis players
    john s chambers


    Your abstract appears to focus exclusively on "health BENEFITS". Do you know of any contrary paper that considers and proposes conclusions about the possible and/or recognised DISBENEFITS.

    Now aged 78, I seem to be a mess of worn-out joints, bone-alignment and sciatic nerve problems which osteopaths, physiotherapists and "allied trades" all tend to attribute 'most likely' to the heavy wear-...

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    Tony H. Reinhardt-Rutland

    Bauman et al (1) provide an appealing overview of the potential role of cycling in healthy living. The successful and sustained promotion of cycling is well illustrated by the examples of the Netherlands and neighbouring states. However, elsewhere there seem to be deep-rooted problems: my own experience is of the UK and, specifically, Northern Ireland. One problem here has been a belief that cycling - particularly in the...

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  • A missed part of the methodology
    George & Linda Wells

    We have a slight disagreement with the methodology used in the experiment. Following is a comment we shared with members of the international tandeming community regarding the article.

    What is obvious is that none of the researchers know a lot about tandeming. For starters they don't discuss the pedal setup. My guess is that none of the tandems used in the study were setup out-of-phase (OOP), hence the capta...

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  • Re:Let us start with simplest modification to office furniture
    Lucas J Carr

    Thank you for your comment. We agree that a standing style workplace could be a good solution for certain working environments and its feasibility and efficacy for improving health should be explored. However, for many this would still require costly modifications to the working environment in the form of purchasing height adjustable desks. Also, from a research perspective, accelerometers would be needed to assess time...

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  • Re:Lateral epicondylitis surgery complications
    Joseph A Smith

    I had lateral epicondylitis surgery in 2010. It has been five months and im still in alot of pain. I had to go back to work and I'm finding it hard to make it through the day because of the pain. I called the doctor and they told me to find somewhere to go for pain management. I did and they said they could not do anything because of the acher pin in my arm, what should I do?

    Conflict of Interest:

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  • Let us start with simplest modification to office furniture
    Shabbir Syed-Abdul

    Yes, we totally agree with the argument of the authors, that sedentary time in the work place substantially affects our health.

    We want to propose a simple but effective modification of workplace furniture. Instead of waiting for a portable pedal exercise machine to be made available to the market, let us start with a standing style workplace. Meaning, we need to modify the workplace to fit, so we work in a stan...

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  • youth hockey players
    Richard J Hardie

    I have previously complained about the editorial decision of a supposedly British journal to publish an article including "football" in the title when most readers around the world would have called the sport "American football". The subjects of this study participated in what people outside of North America would call "ice hockey", not just "hockey". We are used to American journals ignoring international terminology...

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