383 e-Letters

  • Is athlete bone loss due to excess hormone 1,25-D?
    Trevor G Marshall

    Dear Editor

    We cannot help but note the correlation between the results of this study of female athletes, and the study conducted on male long distance runners in Denmark [1]. We propose that sunshine might be the common factor driving the observed bone loss in these two, apparent...

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  • Head injuries in Ice Hockey-no prevention?
    Julian Kennedy

    Dear Editor

    The helmets worn in ice hockey - what is their specification and composition? They look like canoeing-type and very thin plastic, if so, it is no wonder head injuries continue. The players need padded helmets more like motorcycle crash helmets to withstand the knocks with a layer of polystyrene or other shock absorbing material.

  • New Electronic Manuscript Tracking System
    Roderick Duncan

    Dear Editor

    I enjoyed reviewing for this journal very much and can only hope that more journals will use a similar electronic system.
    Having waited over 16 weeks to hear from a different journal, I think that the electronic system provides an excellent service to the authors.

  • Club doctors and physiotherapists
    Patricia A Turner

    Dear Editor

    Waddington et al.[1] have highlighted an important issue in the context of sport injury management. However, this article, like many others, provides erroneous information and percpetions of 'qualified physiotherapists'. In the UK a physiotherapist must be State Registered (CPSM at present) to work in the NHS. A physothrapist does not need to be 'chartered' - i.e. a Member of the Chartered Socie...

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  • Bromocriptine-anabolic steroid interaction in a body builder
    Denis J Petro

    Dear Editor

    I read with interest the report of atrial fibrillation and syncope in a body builder taking anabolic steroids and bromocriptine.[1] Drs Manoharan, Campbell and O'Brien present an interesting and perceptive report of bromocriptine misuse. Several additional points can be made regarding this case. While the authors noted the effect of the fasting state on bromocriptine kinetics,[2] in addition bromocriptine an...

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  • Intense training in elite female athletes: evidence of reduced growth and delayed maturation?
    Shona Bass
    Dear Editor

    In their recent article 'Intensive training in elite young female athletes,' Baxter-Jones and Maffulli reviewed 18 manuscripts and concluded 'training does not appear to affect growth and maturation .'[1] We have two concerns about this conclusion. First, we agree that analyses of cross -sectional and cohort data in this population are confounded by sampling bias; gymnasts who are successful at an elite leve...

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  • Examination of resuscitaion skills
    Arturo Lupoli

    Dear Editor

    Lavis et al [1] seek to explain the poor results obtained by candidates undertaking the Bath University diploma in sports and exercise medicine as a failure of the candidate to take the subject seriously. They expect the standard to be comparable to “that required of a candidate completing the same task on an ATLS, PHTLS or ALS course.”

    A candidate undertaking any of the above courses, or a...

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  • Universal Use
    C. Jason McKnight

    Dear Editor

    I congratulate you for researching the importance of appropriate soccer ball size. Your article on distal radial fractures was cited in The New York Times shortly after being published, shedding light on a potentially preventible injury in soccer. It seems possible that if children just played with junior-sized balls, fewer would get hurt by distal radial fractures. I would like to add some...

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  • Sports doctors' first aid skills
    Paul Schur
    Dear Editor,

    I cannot resist the temptation to join the debate on sports doctors’ resuscitation skills [1,2]. The study by Thompson et al [3] suggested that there is a perceived need amongst Sports specialists for first aid skills. However I received no response to my letter concerning this, [4] which indirectly posed the question, ‘should doctors who attend aquatic sports be able to deal with a suspected cervical...

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  • Further points about stretching
    P E Schur


    I would like to thank Dr Shrier for his letter and make a couple of comments in reply.

    First, I would like to emphasise the point I was making in my original letter. When discussing an ill-defined procedure, as exemplified by 'stretching', it is important to be precise about what is being done to what, when and for how long for comparisons to be made or for valid debate to proceed.


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