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  • Re: The Football Club Doctor System
    I Waddington

    We welcome Dr Boyce's letter as a useful contribution to the debate which our article has generated. Dr Boyce is quite correct to raise the issue of medical litigation. As the American College of Sports Medicine pointed out as long ago as 1991, what it called "the litigation epidemic" had at that time already "begun to engulf sports medicine" in the areas of negligence and malpractice, informed consent, counselling, re-en...

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  • The future for the field of Sports Medicine
    Cheryl Martin

    Can I begin by expressing my appreciation for the introductory free access to the journal since its launch on the web earlier this year.

    This year I have undertaken an intercalated degree in Clinical Mecine which has been offered at Glasgow University Department of medicine and therapeutics for the past 4 years. Over 60 of my fellow students opted to do the same. We each however opt to do a specialist module in a...

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  • The Football Club Doctor System
    Stephen H Boyce
    Dear Editor,

    I read with interest the paper by Waddington et al,[1] highlighting the inadequacies of the football club doctor system in Britain. This paper confirms the situation that many people already knew to exist. Advertisements for club doctors are rarely published in medical journals and are normally appointed on a “who you know” basis. It is also particularly disappointing, that in a time when the specialty of...

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  • Sailing and Swimming
    Matthew Wyon

    Dear Editor

    With regards to the excellence of the Australians in the last Olympics, a small reposte is required. We need to examine Darwinism to fully understand this concept. As you pointed out the Aussies did exceptionally well in the water but have yet to fully evolve and are still swimming. The Brits on the otherhand are further along the evolutionary scale and have realised that to get from one island to...

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  • Appointment and qualifications of club doctors and physiotherapists
    Ian Horsley

    Dear Editor

    I read with great interest the article by Waddington, Roderick and Naik regarding the appointment and qualifications of club doctors and physiotherapists in English professional football.

    Further to the messages put over in the text I feel that from a physiotherapy side, just being chartered is not enough. In my experience many professional clubs are employing chartered physiotherapists, s...

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