67 e-Letters

published between 2010 and 2013

  • The probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum and mucosal immunity
    Fergus J Dignan

    The research article in the BJSM(1)this month entitled 'Oral administration of the probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum VRI-003 and mucosal immunity in endurance athletes' was of high quality in terms of the study design, apart from the small number of subjects. However, I must take issue with the way in which the results were used to reach the conclusion that: "Probiotic supplementation may offer increased protection agains...

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  • What is Sedentary Behaviour?
    Ash C Routen

    I read with great interest your paper regarding inactivity physiology. This is a line of research that I have recently come across, and am still unsure exactly what constitutes sedentary behaviour. I am aware that many studies incorrectly refer to 'sedentary behaviour' or 'inactivity' as an absence of sufficient moderate or vigorous activity- categorised by default as opposed to a direct classification of time spent in se...

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  • Response to McCrory et al. 'Sports and exercise medicine - new specialists or snake oil salesmen?'
    John W. Orchard

    Dear Editor,

    We read with interest the commentary piece by McCrory et al. in the recent online edition of BJSM 1. It raises an important issue - that sports physicians who work with professional teams may be under pressure to favour fashion over science. One of the treatment regimes from a commentary piece of ours 2 was cited by the authors 1 as their primary example of a 'flawed approach'. A full read of our or...

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  • Energy Expenditures of the Masai
    Roy J Shephard

    Mbalilaki and associates have reported very high daily energy expenditures for a sample of Masai pastoralists and farmers (56% of whom were women)(1). The stated average of 10.7 MJ/day (2565 kcal/day) appears to be a gross value for that part of the day when the subjects were physically active, although this is not specifically indicated in their paper. The expenditure is suggested as equivalent to 19 km of walking, whi...

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  • Rifaximin for the Prevention of Travellers' Diarrhoea in Elite Athletes
    Bradley Connor

    The article by Tillett and Loosemore describes guidelines for the prevention and management of travellers' diarrhoea (TD) based on their experience with the elite athletes and noncompeting members of Team England during the 2008 Youth Commonwealth Games in India. The authors recommended that all team members receive oral and written advice regarding prevention of TD, that all team members are issued alcohol hand gel and...

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  • Pre-participation screening in competitive athletes in Portugal
    Marcos A. Miranda

    Pre-participation screening in competitive athletes in Portugal has been compulsory for more than 40 years. Yearly ECG was introduced in the screening at about the same time as in Italy, for all athletes evaluated at the Sports Medicine Centres in Portugal. The very rare cases of sudden cardiovascular death that have ocurred in the past 25 years in Portugal were not screened at the Centres or had further cardiovascular e...

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  • Football- a plea on behalf of all your British readers
    Richard J Hardie

    Dear Sir

    May I register a plea on behalf of all your British readers? To us, the sport of football is synonymous with soccer. To Americans, it refers to a completely different sport involving major collision. I'm not at all sure what it means to Antipodeans.

    I read the otherwise excellent article by Davis et al on cervical canal stenosis in a "footballer" in your December 2009 issue with increasing...

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