Table 5

Model 2: multiple regression analysis of patient history, clinical examination and MRI variables as predictors for time to RTS including both MRI-positive and MRI-negative injuries (n=180)

Predictor for time to RTSβ-Coefficient95% CIp Value
Maximum pain score (VAS)1.40.5 to 2.20.002
Forced to stop within 5 min (yes/no*)4.91.5 to 8.40.005
Length of hamstring tenderness (cm)0.50.1 to 0.40.012
Overall grading
 Grade 28.13.2 to 12.90.001
 Grade 13.6−0.7 to 7.90.098
 Grade 00*
  • Regression coefficients are presented as adjusted unstandardised β-coefficients with 95% CIs.

  • *Reference category.

  • RTS, return to sport, VAS, visual analogue scale.