TableĀ 2

Other sources of information

Ahmed et al90Social network sites472 Facebook groups were screened, with 17 meeting criterion for sports concussion. A significant number of postings were related to sport injuries, and 65% used Facebook to relate personal experience to concussive injuries. A small proportion of users (8%) were looking for adviceFacebook is an evolving medium in which to promote healthcare concerns related to concussions. Peer-to-peer interaction may be the key aspect of this education medium
Ahmed et al41Evaluation of concussion websitesOnly 13 of 43 websites met HONcode criteria, with only slightly more meeting acceptable criteria for content and readabilityThe overall quality of online concussion information is varied and many websites were missing key facts related to concussions. Consistent and readily accessible information is needed
Ahmed et al89Concussion in the mediaThe portrayal of comedy incidents related to head trauma has been occurring for years, and there is limited control over creators of these programmesPublic broadcasting companies can promote public awareness using comedy in a responsible manner
Lee et al91Review of apps18 of 155 apps identified met inclusion criteria for sports concussion. Content of apps varied from 0% to 100% for content complianceThe surge in availability of apps in an unregulated market raises concerns as to the appropriateness of their content
Tator92Editorial commentRecommended educational strategies included forming a multidisciplinary committee on concussion education programmes, use of concussion road shows, websites, concussion cards, mandatory concussion education, preseason team meetings, locker room posters and continuing education webinarsMultiple strategies are needed in providing concussion education
Williams et al37Classification of YouTube content related to concussion434 videos met inclusion criteria. Most categories depicted sporting injuries and news reports. Few concussion-related videos were uploaded by professional or academic organisationsA wide range of concussion-related videos exists. Healthcare and educational organisations need to explore YouTube as a medium for the dissemination of quality controlled information on sports concussions
Williams et al37Evaluation of concussion websitesThere are no currently uniform education programmes to disseminate information to student athletesCurrent recognised education programmes aim to accurately and effectively inform all members of the athletic, academic and medical communities about the urgency of concussion