Table 2

Descriptive and inferential statistics for skier kinetic energy (Ekin) group mean±SD of each turn average for the tested skis (P30, P35, P40)

Group mean±SDANOVA†Pairwise comparisons
Ekin (J/BW)P30P35P40p ValueEmbedded ImageP30/P35 (%)P30/P40 (%)
Turn 115.76±0.7215.23±0.6714.72±0.530.004**0.838−6.61*
Turn 215.19±0.9814.28±0.8913.86±0.920.000***0.904−6.03**−8.77**
Turn 313.73±1.3712.87±1.1412.60±0.820.012**0.687−6.62(t)−8.25(t)
Turn 413.97±1.0613.21±1.0413.32±0.860.004**0.641−5.45*
Turn 514.67±0.9614.28±1.0314.38±1.090.212ns0.334
Turn 615.29±0.9015.11±1.2114.81±1.230.246ns0.303
  • Level of significance: ns, not significant, (t)p<0.10, *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001. ANOVA results are based on the Greenhouse-Geisser correction. Post hoc method with Bonferroni correction for pairwise comparison.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; Ekin, kinetic energy.