Table 1

Descriptive and inferential statistics of average of calculated ground reaction force (FcalcGRF) between the tested skis (30 m, 35 m, 40 m sidecut radius) for: (Turn) turn average; (Initiation) average of the Initiation phase; (COM DC I) average of the COM Direction Change I phase; (COM DC II) average of the COM Direction Change II phase; (Completion) average of the Completion phase; (first) and (second) indicate the first and the second half of a specific turn phase, respectively

ParameterSubparameterMean±SDANOVAPairwise comparisons
30 m35 m40 mp Valueetap230 m/35 m30 m/40 m35 m/40 m
Turn cycle
 FcalcGRF (Turn) (N/BW)1.56±0.071.55±0.061.52±0.070.2270.232
Turn phase
 FcalcGRF (Initiation) (N/BW)0.97±0.030.96±0.020.98±0.040.4540.140
 FcalcGRF (COM DC I) (N/BW)1.75±0.111.74±0.191.75±0.180.9960.001
 FcalcGRF (COM DC II) (N/BW)2.05±0.122.02±0.101.91±0.150.005**0.698−7%*−5.9%*
FcalcGRF (COM DC II, first) (N/BW)2.09±0.142.11±0.092.01±0.190.2590.240
FcalcGRF (COM DC II, second) (N/BW)1.97±0.171.89±0.131.75±0.110.015*0.651−10.9%*−7.2%*
FcalcGRF (Completion) (N/BW)1.15±0.031.13±0.021.12±0.020.1230.350
  • Repeated measure ANOVA results are based on the Greenhouse-Geisser correction. Post hoc method with Bonferroni correction for pairwise comparison.

  • Level of significance: *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; BW, body weight; COM, centre of mass.