Table 1

Characteristics of footballers

nPer cent
Club, N=187
Ethnicity, N=185nPer cent
Tobacco use, N=184nPer cent
If using tobaccoN=184
 Chewing tobacco/smokeless105.4
Age, N=187
(Range 18–39)
Last visit to dentist, N=188NPer cent
 Within last 12 months13873.4
 >1 but<2 years ago3016.0
 >2 years ago2010.6
Frequency sports drink, N=168nPer cent
 Rarely or never53.0
 <once a week74.2
 1–2 times a week4929.2
 3–5 times a week6840.5
 6 or more times a week3923.2