Table 1

Studies included in the analysis

StudySample sizeMean agePercentage of femaleMean BMI (kg/m2)SeverityProductControlNumber of injectionsDuration
Altman et al1734663.146 vs 6429.9K-L II-IVNASHA (Durolane)Saline126 weeks
Altman et al1858861.66332.7K-L II-IIIBioHASaline326 weeks
Caborn et al1921663.156.931Not reportedHylan G-F 20 (Synvisc)Triamcinolone hexacetonide3, 126 weeks
Chevalier et al2025362.974 vs 6827.9K-L II-IIIHylan G-F 20 (Synvisc)Saline126 weeks
Day212406256 (HA) vs 61 (P)Reported Height and weight not BMI but needed to be below 40Mild to Moderate; <K-L IV25 mg of sodium HA in 2.5 mL of phosphate buffered saline (ARTZTM; batch number C4F27S). The sodium HA was extracted from rooster combs and the purified material has a molecular weight of 6.2 to 11.7×105 Da2.5 mL of the PBS vehicle (batch number C4F28S)518 weeks
DeCaria et al223072.44729.9K-L II-IIIHA 20 mg/mLHA 0.001 mg/mL36 months
Housman2339160.971 vs 61 vs 6931.2K-L II-IIIHylastan 2, 1IAS2, 126 weeks
Huang et al27200657625.6K-L II-IIIHyalganSaline526 weeks
Leighton et al2444261.751 vs 4728.3K-L II-IIINASHA (Durolane)MPA112 weeks
Navarro-Sarabia et al2530663.583.728.4 vs 28.7K-L II-III1% Sodium hyaluronateSaline540 months
Strand et al2637960.659.5 vs 60.228.5K-L I-IIIGel-200Saline113 weeks
  • BMI, body mass index; HA, hyaluronic acid; IAS, intra-articular corticosteroids; MPA, methylprednisone acetate; PBS, phosphate buffered saline.