Table 1

Database search strategy

1. AthleteTI OR SU (*athlete* OR sportspeople OR sportsperson* OR sportsm?n OR sportswom?n OR archer* OR “badmington player*” OR baseballer* OR “baseball player*” OR basketballer* OR “basketball player*” OR bastm?n OR *boarder* OR bobsledder* OR *bowler* OR *boxer* OR canoeist* OR cricketer* OR *cyclist* OR *dancer* OR footballer* OR “football player*” OR golfer* OR gymnast* OR handballer* OR “handball player*” OR “hockey player*” OR hurdler* OR jockey* OR kayaker* OR “lacrosse player*” OR *marathoner* OR “martial artist*” OR netballer* OR “netball player*” OR orienteer* OR sprinter* OR swimmer* OR racewalker* OR “race walker*” OR *rider* OR rower* OR *runner* OR *sailor* OR “soccer player*” OR *skater* OR *skier* OR softballer* OR “softball player*” OR “squash player*” OR swimmer* OR “tennis player*” OR volleyballer* OR “volleyball player*” OR “water polo player*” OR weightlifter* OR “weight lifter*” OR *wrestler*)
2. Subjective measureSU OR AB (self-report* OR “self report” OR diary OR diaries OR questionnaire* OR survey* OR scale OR scales OR journal OR journals OR inventory OR inventories OR self-evaluation OR “self evaluation” OR self-appraisal OR “self appraisal” OR self-assessment OR “self assessment” OR self-rating OR “self rating” OR subjective OR perceive* OR perceptual OR “profile of mood states” OR “daily analys?s of life demands for athletes”)
3. Objective measureSU OR AB (blood OR saliva* OR urine OR sweat OR serum OR plasma OR biological OR biochemical OR hormon* OR endocrine OR inflammat* OR immune OR immunological OR cytokine OR haemato* OR physiological OR “heart rate” OR performance OR psychomotor OR neuromuscular OR metaboli* OR “oxygen consumption” OR VO2* OR threshold OR “sleep actigraph*” OR electrocardiogra* OR ECG OR electromyogra* OR EMG OR electroencephalogra* OR EEG OR “rate of force development”)
4. Athlete well-beingSU OR AB (wellbeing OR well-being OR “well being” OR wellness OR health OR psychological OR “mental state*” OR “state of mind” OR affect OR affective OR affects OR mood* OR emotion* OR anxiety OR confidence OR self-esteem OR self-efficacy OR motivation OR depression OR stress OR tension OR feeling* OR “physical state” OR “physical functioning” OR “perceived recovery” OR “perceived strength” OR soreness OR “quality of life” OR readiness OR vitality OR vigor OR vigour OR sleepiness OR “sleep quality” OR fatigue OR tiredness OR alertness OR distress OR “social function” OR appetite OR overtrain* OR overreach*)
1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4