Table 2

Characteristics of the study participants and the hamstring injuries

VariableNumberPer cent
Study participants, n=44
 Mean age* in years (SD; range)23.8 (4.3; 18–39)NA
 Athletes who suffered 2 or more separate hamstring injuries†1431.8
  Mean number of injuries (median, range), n=142.5 (2; 2–4)NA
Injuries, n=65
 Total number of injuries in the sample of 44 athletes65
 Mean TRFT in days (SD; range)26.4 (28.1; 4–150)NA
 Location of the injury
  Grade 0a (MRI negative)2132.3
 Muscle injured
  No muscle injury2132.3
  Biceps (long head)2843.1
  Biceps (short head)11.5
   Yes after return to full training (re-injury)710.8
   Yes before return to full training (exacerbation)69.2
  • *Age at the time of first injury if more than one injury.

  • †That is, excluding re-injury.

  • NA, not applicable; TRFT, time to return to full training.