Table 4

Intervention fidelity and reach at 12-months follow-up

Process measure categoryPhysical activity strategies implemented from baseline—12-month follow-up
Formal curriculumSchool ethos & environment
Active PE lessons (%)Personal physical activity plans (%)Recess and lunchtime activity (%)
Fidelity (teacher report n=33)95.5*70.3†75.0‡
Reach (student report n=600)
 All students92.7§51.6¶55.8**
Student sex
 Female students93.249.650.9*
 Male students95.054.061.5*
Student activity level
 Active students96.356.859.9
 Inactive students93.647.852.6
Student weight status
 Healthy weight students95.350.355.5
 Overweight/obese students94.452.856.2
  • *Teacher reports conducting pedometer-based lessons.

  • †Teacher reports assisting student complete a personal PA plan each school term.

  • ‡School reports running recess and/or lunch activities.

  • §Students recall using pedometers in PE.

  • ¶Students recall completing personal physical activity plans.

  • **Students recall having organised recess and/or lunchtime physical activities available.

  • PA, physical activity; PE, physical education.