TableĀ 2

Methodological quality assessment of the included studies

1. Clear objective2. Clear description of main outcomes3. Clear description of participant characteristics4. Clear description of intervention6. Clear description of main findings7. Estimates of random variability described11. Participants asked representative of entire population12. Included participants representative of entire population16, Planned analysis18. Statistical analysis appropriate20. Accuracy of outcome measures25. Adjustment for confoundingQuality index score (out of 12)Quality index %
Azevedo et al 200910111111001110975
Baur et al 200419110110001110758
Bennel et al 2004251111110011111083
Bischof et al 201026111111001110975
Bredeweg et al 2013221101111011111083
Crossley et al 1999271111110011111083
Duffey et al 200030011111001111975
Esculier et al 201531101111001111975
Gerlach et al 200521111111001110975
Grimston et al 199118101111001110867
Hreljac et al 200033110111001111975
McCrory et al 199923110111001111975
Messier et al 199132110111001110867
Messier et al 199511111111001110975
Milner et al 200628110111001111975
Pohl et al 2008291111110011111083
Pohl et al 2009241111110011111083
Zifchock et al 2006201111110011111083