Table 3

Severity of all muscle injuries per location during outdoor (WOC 2007, WOC 2009, WOC 2011, WOC 2013, OG 2012, EOC 2012, EOC 2014) and indoor (WIC 2014, EIC 2009, EIC 2011, EIC 2013 and EIC 2015) championships

TrunkUpper extremityHip and groinThighLower legOthersHamstring*TrunkUpper extremityHip and groinThighLower legOthersHamstring*
Total number of muscle injuries28843230822913023511104451955
No time loss (%)42.912.539.527.440.241.428.556.580.054.533.753.321.129.1
Time loss (%)39.387.560.561.350.058.658.530.40.045.561.542.273.767.3
 Minimal (1–3 days) (%)21.437.514.013.920.731.012.321.70.027.315.415.610.512.7
 Mild (4–7 days) (%)
 Moderate (8–28 days) (%)10.737.537.230.415.96.930.
 Severe (>28 days) (%)
Missing values17.
Days of absence/injury; mean (SD)3.3 (3.8)6.3 (5.9)8.7 (7.6)£10.3 (9.7)$6.7 (8.1)$4.3 (4.5)10.6 (9.8)$4.0 (4.5)11.0 (17.5)9.2 (8.5)7.5 (9.3)12.6 (10.4)10.1 (8.9)
  • This information on severity is based on the estimation of the national medical teams and/or LOC physicians.

  • There were no differences in the distribution of injury severity between male and female athletes, and between different injury locations for male and female athletes. There were no differences in the mean time-loss injury duration between male and female athletes for each injury location, and between injury locations for female athletes, but for male athletes the mean time-loss injury duration was higher for thigh injuries and hamstring injuries than trunk injuries and lower leg injuries (p<0.05 $), and for hip and groin injuries than trunk injuries (p<0.05 £).

  • *Data from WOC 2007, OG 2012 and EIC 2009 were excluded since these competition studies did not record specifically hamstring injuries but only thigh injuries.