Table 1

Total and average number of injuries and injuries per 1000 match hours of official FIH tournaments in 2013 (Women)

Official tournaments in 2013Number of matchesTotal match hours*Number of injuriesAverage number of injuries per matchInjuries per 1000 player match hours
4 Nations Tournament (Stratford, New Zealand)615440.726.0
East Asia Games (Tianjin, China)615440.726.0
World League Final (San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina)24616160.726.0
World League Round 2 (New Delhi, India)15385171.144.2
World League Round 2 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)1538590.623.4
Overall average (95% CI)661694500.7 (0.5 to 1.0)29.1 (18.6 to 39.7)
  • *Total match hours=number of games×70 min per game×22 players per game/60 min.

  • CI=1.96×SD/square root of number of injuries.

  • FIH, Fédération Internationale de Hockey.