TableĀ 1

Demographic data, surgical details and risk of bias assessment of the included studies

ArticleRisk of bias assessment (number items fulfilled, %)Surgical procedureNSex (M/F)Mean age (years)Mean follow-up (years)GraftMeniscal lesionsNormal cartilage (%)
Kartus et al512/21Primary125/7272.1BPTB auto (100%)NRNR
(57%)Revision2410/14272.1BPTB auto (50% contra, 50% reharv)M (29%), L (17%), M+L (46%)Total normal (46%)
Thomas et al616/21Primary4936/1332.96.0HS auto (70%), BPTB auto (30%)M (51%), L (24%)M (55%), L (33%), PF (53%)
(76%)Revision4937/1234.56.2HS auto (70%), BPTB auto (30%)M (86%), L (53%)M (59%), L (8%), PF (8%)
Weiler et al715/21Primary5031/19302.5HS auto (100%)M (18%), L (12%), M+L (8%)NR
(71%)Revision5031/19312.5HS auto (62% ipsi, 38% contra)M (18%), L (12%), M+L (8%)NR
Ahn et al811/21Primary117NR29.12.3HS auto (100%)NRNR
(52%)Revision5543/1231.64.0HS auto (37%), BPTB allo (36%), AT allo (26%)M (4(%), L (25%)NR
Muneta et al912/21Primary8650/36242.8HS auto (100%)M (51%), L (41%)NR
(57%)Revision2114/7273.3BPTB auto (100%)M (57%), L (33%)NR
Niki et al1015/21Primary2014/6282.7BPTB auto (100%)M (25%), L (10%)NR
(71%)Revision2014/6292.8BPTB auto (100%)M (60%), L (35%)NR
Gifstadt et al1112/21Primary5223/29288.0BPTB auto (79%), HS auto (21%)NRNR
(57%)Revision5625/3126.57.5BPTB auto (16% ipsi, 39% contra), HS auto (45%)NRNR
Kievit et al1212/21Primary2716/9285.1HS auto (100%)M (44%), L (7%), M+L (7%)NR
(57%)Revision2518/734.65.3PTT allo (48%), AT allo (44%), BPTB allo (8%)M (56%), M+L (32%)NR
  • allo, allograft; AT, Achilles tendon; auto, autograft; BPTB, bone-patellar tendon-bone; HS, hamstring; contra, contralateral; F, female; ipsi, ipsilateral; L, lateral meniscus; M, male; M, medial meniscus; M+L, medial and lateral; NR, not reported; PF, patellofemoral; PTT, posterior tibialis tendon; reharv, reharvested.