Table 2

Days of absence after different types of hamstring muscle injuries

Grade 1Grade 2
Injury typeFrequencyPer centAbsence (days)FrequencyPer centAbsence (days)
MT junction965618±16465624±13
Missing data11613
  • Injuries were classified as one of four different types according to the involvement of intramuscular tissue: MT junction (injury affecting the myotendinous junction), Myofascial (injury at the surface of the muscle), Muscle (injury away from the intramuscular tendon), or Fascial (fluid in the intermuscular space but no injury to the muscle).

  • Radiological grades were classified according to modified Peetrons: Grade 1=oedema but no architectural distortion, grade 2=architectural disruption indicating partial tear.

  • Absence expressed as mean±SD.