Table 1

Characteristics of the ACL reconstructed patients (n=100)

Sex, men/women (% men)46/54 (46.0)
Age, mean±SD24.3±7.3
Preinjury participation in level I sports, n (%)83 (83.0)
 Handball*30 (30.0)
 Football*53 (53.0)
 Basketball*6 (6.0)
 Floorball*11 (11.0)
Months from injury to surgery, median (minimum–maximum)4.8 (1.6–25.4)
ACL graft, n (%)
 BPTB33 (33.0)
 Hamstring67 (67.0)
Baseline concomitant injuries, n (%)
 Medial meniscus injury26 (26.0)
 Lateral meniscus injury20 (20.0)
 Medial cartilage injury3 (3.0)
 Lateral cartilage injury9 (9.0)
 MCL injury grade I–II30 (30.0)
 LCL injury grade I–II1 (1.0)
 Popliteus injury2 (2.0)
Baseline knee function, mean±SD
 Quadriceps strength, LSI89.2±10.2
 Single hop for distance, LSI91.2±10.4
 Triple crossover hop, LSI92.9±9.3
 Triple hop, LSI91.3±8.3
 6 m timed hop, LSI94.6±8.3
 Global rating scale79.3±12.8
  • Baseline: At enrolment in the study and prior to ACL reconstruction, mean 2.1 (SD 0.6) months from injury.

  • Concomitant injuries were diagnosed by MRI.

  • *Some participated in multiple level I sports.

  • BPTB, bone-patellar tendon-bone; KOS-ADLS, Knee Outcome Survey—Activities of Daily Living Scale; LCL, lateral collateral ligament; LSI, limb symmetry index; MCL, medial collateral ligament.