Table 1

Mean (SD) for the 7 clinical tests for 127 participants

Clinical assessment testsRectus Femoris Length test°129.4 (20.05)
Hamstring Length test°151.4 (14.77)
Gastrocnemius Length test°27.8 (10.75)
Maximum Quadriceps Strength Nm73.7 (41.13)
Maximum Quadriceps Strength normalised to body mass Nm/kg1.0 (0.51)
Maximum Hip Abductor Strength Nm72.8 (38.85)
Maximum Hip Abductor Strength normalised to body weight Nm/kg1.0 (0.50)
Total Patellar Mobility mm12.2 (4.63)
Foot Posture index4.4 (4.44)
  • The ‘°’ is the symbol for joint angles measured in degrees.