Table 4

Prognostics factors for pain severity (worst/activity) and Anterior Knee Pain Scale at 5–8-year follow-up

Pain severity (worst)Anterior Knee Pain Scale
Variables*β(95% CI)p Valueβ(95% CI)p Value
Duration of complaints (ref=1–2 months) (months)     
 >1229.0(11.4 to 46.5)0.002−6.91(−14.1 to 0.31)0.06
Recruitment (self-referral)−16.7(−35.6 to 2.20)0.082  
Baseline usual/rest pain     
Baseline worse/on activity pain     
Anterior Knee Pain Scale−0.52(−1.07 to 0.04)0.0690.484(0.21 to 0.76)0.001
0.216  0.196