Table 1

AMSTAR quality assessment of included systematic reviews

Systematic reviewScore per AMSTAR itemTotal score
iiiiiiivvviviiviiiixxxiSearch date
Exercise therapy
Bolgla and Boling150CA01000000012010—December
Clijsen et al160CA10001111052013—December
Collins et al170010001110042009—November
Frye et al180CA00001000012010—September
Harvie et al 190CA10001000022010—January
Kooiker et al200CA1CA111110062014—January
Lack et al210CA1CA001110042014—December
Peters and Tyson240010001010032013—January
Regelski et al250CA00001CA0001Unclear
van der Heijden et al2611111111110102014—May
Wasielewki 20110100111110062010—Unclear
Combined intervention
Bolgla et al150CA01000000012010—December
Collins et al170010001110042009—November
Foot orthoses  
Barton et al270CA10111110062008—December
Bolgla et al150CA01000000012010—December
Collins et al170010001110042009—November
Hossain et al28111CA101111082010—March
Swart et al290110011110062010—January
Patellar taping and bracing
Barton et al300CA1CA001110042013—January
Callaghan and Selfe311111111110092011—August
Kalron and Bar-Sela320CA10001010032012—March
Swart et al290110011110062010—January
Other adjunctive interventions  
Bolgla et al150CA01000000012010—December
Brantingham et al 330CA00000000002011—May
Collins et al170010001110042009—November
Dos Santos et al340CA0CA000000002011—Unclear
Lake and Wofford350CA10001000022010—August
Wasielewskiet al360100111110062010—Unclear
  • Bold text=Reviews considered to be moderate or high quality.

  • i=‘a priori’ design; ii=duplicate study selection and data extraction; iii=comprehensive literature search; iv=search for grey literature; v=list of studies included and excluded provided; vi=characteristics of included studies provided; vii=scientific quality assessed; viii=scientific quality used to formulate conclusions; ix=methods to combine study findings appropriate; x=publication bias assessed; xi=conflict of interest.

  • 0, no; 1, yes; AMSTAR, Assessment of Multiple Systematic Reviews; CA, cannot assess.