Table 3

Frequencies of radiographic features for knee osteoarthritis at 5–8-year follow-up (n=50)

Grades 01≥2
Anterior-posterior view; K&L score (grades), n36131
Anterior-posterior view; features, n
 Joint-space narrowing38111
 Femoral osteophytes4730
 Tibial osteophytes38102
 Tibial sclerosis4820
 Femoral sclerosis4910
 Tibial attrition500NA
 Tibial spiking1634NA
Lateral view; features, n
Patellofemoral osteophytes36122
Skyline view; features, n
 Patellofemoral osteophytes33161
 Patellofemoral joint space narrowing4541
 Patellar sclerosis5000
  • Tibiofemoral joint, anterior-posterior view; patellofemoral joint, lateral and skyline view.

  • K&L, Kellgren & Lawrence; N, number of participants.