Table 3

Signs of intra-articular pathology

Percentage of hips affected (n=55)
PathologyAcetabular retroversionFemoral neck pitsOs acetabuliJoint effusionParalabral cystsPresence of labral tear (partial or complete)Increased labral signal (deformed/degenerate)Acetabular cartilage lossAcetabular subchondral oedemaFemoral cartilage lossFemoral subchondral oedemaCam Morphology (AA>83 at any position around neck)Cam morphology (AA>55 3 o'clock)Femoral retrotorsion
Lead hip21421021624884121144
Trail hip0122823727121221418160
κ Coefficient1.000.851.000.681.000.760.780.670.850.660.80NANANA
χ2 Test p value1.*1.000.740.741.001.00<0.001*0.024*0.495
  • *p Values that reached statistical significance.

  • AA, α angle; NA, not applicable.