Table 3

Incidence of illnesses by sex and age group (total number of illnesses, number of athletes with an illness, total number of athletes competing, total number of athlete days, proportion of athletes with an illness, illness incidence rates per athlete days)

Sex/age groupTotal number of illnessesNumber of athletes with an illnessTotal number of athletes competingTotal number of athlete daysProportion of athletes with an illnessIllness incidence rate illnesses/1000 athlete days (95% CI)
All12395547656417.418.7 (15.1 to 23.2)
Female2824129154818.618.1 (11.6 to 28.3)
Male9571418501617.018.9 (14.9 to 24.2)
Age 14–25 years2619172206411.012.6 (7.9 to 20.1)*
Age 26–34 years4935198237617.720.6 (14.7 to 29.0)
Age 35–63 years4841177212423.222.6 (16.0 to 31.9)
  • *Significantly lower compared to age group 35–63 years (p=0.049).