TableĀ 4

Incidence of illness in each physiological system (total number of illnesses, number of athletes with an illness, proportion of athletes with an illness, illness incidence rates per 1000 athlete days)

Physiological systemTotal number of illnessesNumber of athletes with an illnessProportion of athletes with an illnessIllness incidence rate illnesses/1000 athlete days (95% CI)
All1239517.418.7 (15.1 to 23.2)
Respiratory37305.55.6 (3.8 to 8.0)
Eye and adnexa18173.12.7 (1.7 to 4.4)
Digestive system16142.62.4 (1.4 to 4.2)
Skin and subcutaneous16132.42.4 (1.3 to 4.6)
Genitourinary881.51.2 (0.6 to 2.4)
Mental and brain881.51.2 (0.6 to 2.4)