TableĀ 5

Incidence of injury by onset (total number of injuries, number of athletes with an injury, proportion of athletes with an injury, injury incidence rates per athlete days)

Type of injuryTotal number of injuriesNumber of athletes with an injuryProportion of athletes with an injuryInjury incidence rate number of injuries/1000 athlete days (95% CI)
All17413424.526.5 (22.7 to 30.8)
Acute1179317.017.8 (14.7 to 21.4)*
Acute on chronic25234.23.8 (2.5 to 5.6)
Chronic overuse32274.94.9 (3.3 to 6.9)
  • *Significantly different from all other types of injury onset (according to 95% CIs).