Table 2

Randomised clinical trials comparing arthroscopic surgery with non-operative care or sham surgery for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome

TrialTrial IDCountrySample SizeInterventionsReporting Year
UK FASHIoNISRCTN64081839UK344Arthroscopic surgery vs physiotherapy2017
Aus FASHIoNACTRN12615001177549Australia120Arthroscopic surgery vs physiotherapy2018
FAITNCT01893034UK120Arthroscopic surgery vs physiotherapy2017
FIRSTNCT01623843Canada and Finland220Arthroscopic surgery vs arthroscopic washout2017
HIPARTINCT02692807Norway and Australia140Arthroscopic surgery vs diagnostic arthroscopy2020
US MHSNCT01993615USA 60Arthroscopic surgery vs physiotherapy2017
  • US MHS, United States Military Health System FAI Trial.