Table 3

Association between change in DTI in the CTRL group and the impact-related measures (correlation coefficient/p value)

HitsHits (>20 g)Hits (>50 g)CumugCumug (>20 g)Cumug (>50 g)
ΔAD in SLF0.49/0.0120.46/0.0170.34/0.0660.47/0.0150.44/0.0220.29/NS
ΔMD in SLF0.49/0.0120.46/0.0190.27/NS0.46/0.0190.42/0.0570.20/NS
ΔFA in PTR−0.58/0.003−0.41/0.032−0.22/NS−0.42/0.030−0.37/0.049−0.21/NS
  • Correlation coefficient/p value. All statistics were tested using one-tailed Pearson correlation at p<0.05.

  • AD, axial diffusivity; CTRL, control; DTI, diffusion tensor imaging; FA, fractional anisotropy; MD, mean diffusivity; NS, not significant; PTR, posterior thalamic radiation; SLF: superior longitudinal fasciculus.