Table 2

PEDro scores of the reviewed studies

Reviewed studiesTotal scores1234567891011
Hewett et al31*3XXX
Soderman et al18*4XXXX
Heidt et al195XXXXX
Myklebust et al20*5XXXXX
Mandelbaum et al21*3XXX
Olsen et al227XXXXXXX
Petersen et al30*2XX
Pfeiffer et al23*2XX
Steffen et al247XXXXXXX
Gilchrist et al254XXXX
Pasanen et al268XXXXXXXX
Kiani et al27*4XXXX
LaBella et al286XXXXXX
Walden et al297XXXXXXX
  • X: ‘yes’ score. Blank: ‘no’ score. PEDro scale is optimised for the evaluation of randomised control trials; thus, the PEDro assessment score for the non-randomised control should be interpreted with caution. Studies with * are not randomised trial or low-quality randomised trial. 1 Eligibility criteria specified, 2 random allocation of participants, 3 allocation concealed, 4 similar groups at baseline, 5 blinding of participants, 6 blinding of intervention providers, 7 blinding of outcome assessors, 8 outcomes obtained from 85% of participants, 9 use of intent-to-treat analysis if protocol violated, 10 between-group statistical comparison and 11 point measures and measures of variability.