Table 4

Physical performance before (pre) and after (post) the 11-week study period for the CG and the IG participating in two weekly 45 min FIFA 11 for Health football sessions

Pre (n=123–140)Post (n=123–140)Pre (n=329–369)Post (n=329–369)CG (n=123–140)IG (n=329–369)IG vs CG
Yo-Yo IR1C (m)731±383731±427852±464*896±517*†1±23644±29644
20 m sprint (s)3.98±0.283.98±0.324.09±0.29*4.06±0.28*†0.00±0.16−0.03±0.15−0.03
Flamingo balance (falls, n)19.3±9.020.4±10.318.0±9.618.3±9.4*1.1±8.40.3±8.8−0.9
Horizontal jump length (cm)120±20119±20118±17117±18−1±11−1±13−0.6
  • Data are presented as means±SD.

  • *Significantly different from control at the same measuring moment.

  • †Significant within-group difference.

  • CG, control group; IG, intervention group; IR1C, intermittent recovery level 1 children's test.