Table 1

Overview of the modified ‘FIFA 11 for Health’ programme

Session‘Play football’ activity‘Play fair’ health topicIssues addressed in session
1Warming upPlay footballPrepare for exercise and sport
2PassingRespect othersRespect and help others and avoid bullying
3GoalkeepingEat a balanced dietEat a full range of food types
4DribblingAvoid drugs, alcohol and cigarettesAvoid developing unhealthy addictions
5ShieldingBe activeWalk, cycle, use the stairs in daily life
6ControllingControl your weightControl the quantity of food eaten
7DefendingWash your handsDevelop good hygiene practices
8Building fitnessKeep fitUndertake sufficient vigorous exercise
9TrappingDrink waterDrink water and skimmed milk
10ShootingThink positivelyMake friends and have a positive body image
11Team workingFair playReview all health issues discussed in sessions 1–10