Table 2

Units of healthcare resources and healthcare costs for the number of units used by injured players in the neuromuscular training group and the control group and, by payer type (2015, $C)

Neuromuscular training group (n=380)Control group (n=364)
Healthcare resourceUnitsCost*, $CUnitsCost*, $C
Publicly funded healthcare resources
 General practitioner (visits)131195241863
 Orthopaedic surgeon (visits)11058380
 Fibreglass cast†,*162162
 Emergency department (visits)0051521
 Sport medicine physician (visits)321414782
 Radiologist (visits)16500
 CT scan001350
 Bone scan0021660
Privately funded healthcare resources
 Physiotherapist (visits)36294017113 377
 Athletic therapist (visits)199199
 Massage therapist (visits)1955473
 Chiropractor (visits)211749201620
 Orthotist (visits)0030
 Braces (off-the-shelf)749672210 763
 Acupuncture (visits)00180
  • *Calculated as total cost for the number of units.

  • †For players who reported an emergency department visit and X-ray or cast, we assumed that these services were provided in conjunction with each other. Therefore, the costs of X-rays and casts provided in conjunction with emergency department visits are included in the emergency department visit cost.

  • ‡Performed for an ACL reconstruction with meniscal repair.