Table 2

Body composition before (pre) and after (post) the 11-week study period for the CG and the IG participating in two weekly 45 min FIFA 11 for Health football sessions

Pre (n=124)Post (n=124)Pre (n=343)Post (n=343)CG (n=124)IG (n=343)IG vs CG
Height (cm)151.4±7.8152.6±7.9†150.1±7.0151.7±7.0†1.2±1.81.6±1.30.4‡
Weight (kg)41.7±8.442.7±8.7†41.2±8.242.1±8.4†1.0±1.50.9±1.3−0.1
BMI (kg/m2)18.1±2.518.2±2.618.2±2.718.2±2.70.13±0.75−0.02±0.59−0.15‡
Body fat (%)21.4±6.921.2±7.321.5±7.520.7±7.7†−0.04±1.83−0.83±2.30−0.80‡
Lean mass (kg)17.0±3.117.6±3.2†16.8±2.817.5±3.0†0.5±0.90.6±0.70.1
  • Data are presented as means±SD.

  • *Significantly different from control at the same measuring moment.

  • †Significant within-group difference.

  • ‡Significant between-group difference.

  • BMI, body mass index; CG, control group; IG, intervention group.