Table 1

Proforma CERT assessment form

Author and year
Study location
Reviewer and date
DescriptionData extraction—detailsLocation (pg, URL etc)YES: 1
NO: 0
‘Reasons for rating’: eg, ‘not reported or not clearly described’
ItemPrimary paperOther*
1Detailed description of the type of exercise equipmentEg, page, column, paragraph
2Detailed description of the qualifications, expertise and/or training
3Describe whether exercises are performed individually or in a group
4Describe whether exercises are supervised or unsupervised; how they are delivered
5Detailed description of how adherence to exercise is measured and reported
6Detailed description of motivation strategies
7aDetailed description of the decision rule(s) for determining exercise progression
7bDetailed description of how the exercise program was progressed
8Detailed description of each exercise to enable replication
9Detailed description of any home programme component
10Describe whether there are any non-exercise components
11Describe the type and number of adverse events that occur during exercise
12Describe the setting in which the exercises are performed
13Detailed description of the exercise intervention
14aDescribe whether the exercises are generic (one size fits all) or tailored
14bDetailed description of how exercises are tailored to the individual
15Describe the decision rule for determining the starting level
16aDescribe how adherence or fidelity is assessed/measured
16bDescribe the extent to which the intervention was delivered as planned
Total score
  • * eg, protocol paper, published reference papers, supplementary data, online appendices, websites.